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Post IDPost NameCategoryDepartmentClosing Date
CCT1510 Lecturer AcademicChinese Languages and Culture Centre 08/12/2015
ARC1414 Lecturer/Associate Professor in Structural Design AcademicDepartment of Architecture 13/12/2015
BIO1518 Lecturer/Associate Professor AcademicDepartment of Biological Sciences 31/10/2015
CNS1506 Lecturer in Chinese Literature AcademicDepartment of China Studies 19/10/2015
CNS1508 Lecturer/Associate Professor China's International Politics AcademicDepartment of China Studies 19/10/2015
CNS1507 Lecturer/Associate Professor in Chinese Society AcademicDepartment of China Studies 19/10/2015
CEG1411 Lecturer/Associate Professor AcademicDepartment of Civil Engineering 12/10/2015
LCT1512 Lecturer/Associate Professor Position in Media and Communication Studies-Chinese Media Specialist AcademicDepartment of English, Culture and Communication 01/11/2015
IDD1506 Lecturer/Associate Professor: Business Strategy, Design, & Innovation AcademicDepartment of Industrial Design 30/09/2015
MMS1512 Lecturer/Associate Professor AcademicDepartment of Mathematical Sciences 09/07/2015